Wings of Deception (Silver City University, Book 1)


Getting accepted into Silver City University was supposed to change it all for me. I could get away from everyone I knew and be anyone I wanted. And after meeting a hot Fallen angel and partying the night away, things were really starting to look up.

Turns out the universe had other plans.

Before I even get a chance to be someone different, I’m forced to drop the Façade and show everyone who I really am. There’s no fitting in when you’re an abomination.

While doing my best to avoid the berating of my classmates and angry glare of the Fallen house leader, I find unexpected support from two Pure angels.

When demon attacks rise throughout the city, I know I’m not safe. Everyone thinks they’re coming for me–the one who’s never fit in. They swear I’m spawned from demons, and now they want me back.

With some help from my new friends, I search for any proof I can find to unravel the truth of what I am and put their accusations to rest.

But I know so little about myself, and I can’t stop wondering …
What if they’re right?